Snow queen 2019

The Russian Youth Cup (boys and girls) 2019 consists of regional tournaments, which have a status of the stages, and the final tournament. The tournaments are held in the age categories under 9 (2011-2014 years of birth), under 11 (2009-2010 years of birth), under 13 (2007-2008 years of birth), and under 15 years old (2005-2006 years of birth).
The first stage of the Cup takes place during January 3-9in Khabarovsk-city. This tournament has name “Snow Queen”.
Venue: 71, Leningradskaya street, Khabarovsk. “Voshozhdenie” chess club.
Swiss system with 9 rounds, time control is 90 min + 30 sec increment from move 1. For pairing, the Swiss-Manager will be use with FIDE rating.
Registration: e-mail to before December 30. You can pay your entry fee at the venue later.
FIDE rules and regulations shall apply.
Players must record all moves.
Tiebreaks to be used:
1. Direct encounter.
2. Buchholz Cult 1.
3. Buchholz.
4. Number of wins.
5. Number of games with black.
If any player is not present within 30 min after the game is started, she/he shall lose the game byDefault.
All electronic devices must be turned off and stored away. They can be stored in a bag as long asthey are switched off and the bag stays in the playing room during the game. That bag is not allowedto be carried outside of the playing room during the game. Any violation will result in a loss of game.
Tournament’s fee is 1000 Russian Roubles.
Schedule of the tournament:
January 3 14:45 opening ceremony
January 3 15:00 1st round
January 4 10:00 2nd round
January 4 15:00 3rd round
January 5 10:00 4thround
January 5 15:00 5thround
January 6 10:00 6thround
January 6 15:00 7thround
January 7 10:00 8thround
January 8 10:00 9thround
January 8 15:00 closing ceremony
Last year “Snow queen” results here

The best way for fly from Tokyo to Khabarovsk is flights of S7 company (
Time of flight is about 3 hours.
Cheapest price of round trip is 22639 Russian Roubles (about 37 000 Japanese Yens).
Possible date of flight:
Tokyo – Khabarovsk January 1 14:45 (from Narita airport)
Khabarovsk – Tokyo January 10 12:00
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Khabarovsk-city is European city not far from Japan. There are many perfect European restaurants.
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